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Classes with Elizabeth B Wright:

Since physically leaving Walnut Beach, I am not finished being an art teacher.

In my home studio on 20 South St in Milford I manage to instruct 2 mornings

each week. Students gather here by 9:30 for coffee and then a demo starts at

10:00. We work as a close group and end by noon with a critique and tiny

lunch. There is no weekly registration or payment. Students arrive each week as

their schedules permit.  Administrative assistant, artist Nancy Zellner sends out

emails regularly.


Cost?   $5.00

Summer Plain Air Classes:

The Walnut Beach Creamery is my sponsor in the summer. Students meet at noon bringing their own art supplies, lunch, water, sunscreen, hat and a spare lawn chair in your trunk just in case.

Classes meet in the back garden on the following dates:


Where to find Elizabeth’s work:


Currently my work can be found regularly in these five locations:

Maple & Main Gallery, Chester, CT

Old Bank Gallery, historic downtown East Hampton, CT

Alfa’s Restaurant on Naugatuck Ave, Milford, CT

New England Framing on South Broad St, Milford, CT

20 South St, Milford, CT

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