How it all Began...

How It All Began

When I was in 1st grade and out drawing my classmates, it was obvious that the 5 year old had a little gift. Over the years my mother was my cheerleader and bought me every oil painting tube, watercolor, pastels and tons of paper. She signed me up for art private art lessons with the most meaningful teacher being George Osborne of Maine. At 16 years old he managed to get me oil painting out in the snow and entering big art shows with wet paintings. There was my first big win in Meriden, CT soon followed by others. In my 20’s with 2 little girls running around I switched to pen and ink for 20 years. At age 40 I signed up with Milford Adult Ed and water color instructor Ron Groades. One day while in the Milford Bank I fell in love with a painting by Mim Mills. Under her very specific instruction I soon left the state for classes with Jan Kilburn, Maine watercolor artist out on Monhegan Island. After years of trekking north, I finally retired from education and opened my own art gallery, The Beach Gallery, at Walnut Beach. It was there that I made a commitment to expand my art interests. When the gallery closed in 2015 I pulled everything home and took over the first floor with easels, canvas, all kinds of art supplies and then invited aspiring artists to join me. It has been a fun time. This past fall I spent a week alone exploring Florence Italy and now plan an art excursion to N. C. to study under water color artist Fealing Lynn this May. Please note that Milford has a place for those who love to do portraits every Thursday morning, 9:30 to 11:30, with a live model for only $4.00.  Located at the Margaret Eagan Center it is the best deal in town. No registration necessary, just show up with your supplies. If you would like to explore your art interests join me at the Walnut Beach Creamery garden this summer to paint outdoors. Dates TBA.


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